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The articles and event calendars on are created based on information from publicly available sources, usually from the particular event or venue itself. In addition we typically add editorial content (reviews) based on our own experience attending the event or venue. takes no responsibility for any information presented on this web site that may be in error, whether it be due to a mistake in the publicly available information provided to us, our own error such as a typo, or information that has changed since the article or event was originally listed. Web links are always provided to other sources of information about the event or venue so that the reader may verify the details. The reader should always verify the details of an event directly with the venue. A corrections form is available on the Contact page so that we may be informed of any mistakes or changes. reserves the right to list or exclude events at our own personal discretion, including the right to refuse to list any events or venues that we consider to be offensive or a scam.

It's a simple fact of the way that web sites work that web site owners have data as to how many people visited our web site, what area of the country they are from, what search engine they came from to find us, and various non-personally identifiable information. We can also get a list of IP addresses of everyone that comes to our site, although we can't really do much with it unless there is some legal reason for investigators to track you down (such as if you have been hacking web sites). We occasionally look at the non-personally identifiable data to learn what kinds of things FreeInDenver's visitors are most interested in so we can expand those areas.
If you subscribe to the newsletter by supplying a name and email address, has to keep that information so we can send you the newsletter but won't use it for purposes other than the newsletter or other critical site communications if the need should ever arise. We don't sell names or email addresses or any of that stuff.
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This web site cannot exist without advertising, it is what pays for our time, hosting fees, and other expenses. The price you pay for having free and open access to this information is that you have to see some advertisements. The ads are delivered by Google and targeted specifically to this web site, and typically represent excellent discounts, coupons, or free days to events around Colorado. This web site can only continue to exist if visitors view advertisements. If you have ad blocking software installed, please consider this fact. does not believe in Interest-Based Advertising: Many web sites are currently using an "interest-based advertising" system that captures data about what sites you have visited in the past in order to deliver ads that are supposedly more relevant to you. We have found that this is an unnecessary invasion of privacy and therefore we do not use that system, to the extent that Google allows us to disable it.

This web site DOES NOT have pop up ads, "you have just won $1,000,000" ads, or any of that garbage. has ads from real businesses that want to help you enjoy your leisure time, plain and simple.

So do all of us a favor and turn off the ad-blocking software. If you happen to go to a web site that bothers you with pop up ads and other garbage, don't go to that web site anymore, and send them a complaint via email if you have the time. THAT IS THE BEST AD BLOCKING THERE IS.

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