Denver Zoo Free Days

The Denver Zoo free days are by far the most popular Denver free days for families with kids, and are typically held during the fall and winter.

Kids love to walk through the zoo and watch the animals, and there are also fun activities for the kids at various locations throughout the zoo, such as the drums at Congo Basin. 

If you're a Denver resident or you're traveling through Denver during one of the zoo's free days, I highly recommend spending a day at the Denver Zoo.

Since much of the zoo is outdoors and free days are in the colder months, be sure to dress warmly. There are plenty of chances to step inside to warm up also, such as the indoor rainforest at Tropical Discovery.


Location: The Denver Zoo is located next to City Park on 23rd Avenue in Denver. Directions
The popularity of the Denver Zoo free days sometimes creates long lines of traffic particularly on weekends. If it is not possible to park in the free parking garage, you might want to park on a side street and walk to the zoo.

2015 Free Days:

  • Sunday, January 11
  • Monday, January 12
  • Thursday, January 22
  • Friday, February 6
  • Saturday, February 7
  • Thursday, February 19
  • Monday, November 2
  • Friday, November 13
  • Thursday, November 19

See the Denver Zoo web site for details: go

Other Options:

The Denver Zoo has a rather limited number of free days offered only during their slowest times of year. But that doesn't mean you have to give up your search for fun free things to do with the kids. Click on Museums at the top of this page to see a list of all the major museums (including children's museums) in Colorado with free admission or free days.

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